• The Tabernacle was worked somewhere in the range of 1864 and 1867 on the west focus line pivot of the Salt Lake Temple. The rooftop was developed in an Ithiel Town cross section bracket curve framework that is held together by dowels and wedges. The structure has a sandstone establishment, and the arch is upheld by forty-four sandstone wharfs. The general seating limit of the structure is around 7,000, which incorporates the ensemble territory and exhibition. 

    Development of the Tabernacle started on July 26, 1864, however development of the rooftop didn't start until 1865 when each of the 44 supporting sandstone docks structured by William H. Folsom were set up. Become quickly constructed the rooftop structure from the middle out, yet experienced trouble designing the half circle parts of the bargains.

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    N West Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84150, USA


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